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Michelle Switzer

My mom was always so serene, caring, and loving. Always happy to help and offer advice or just be there for someone. Always the voice of reason. One of her favorite things to do was going to off-road races to support my brother, she enjoyed the adrenaline and I know she was so proud of my brother.

Honestly, my favorite memories are the most basic and mundane everyday tasks. Cooking a meal, going shopping, our phone conversations. Those are the things that I miss the most. Seeing my mom still battling this disease is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. Though I am happy my mom and my daughter were able to meet I can’t help but think how different their relationship would be able to be if my mom wasn’t battling this disease. Young Onset Alzheimer’s is so much more than memory loss, seeing someone you love struggle with so many different things, from zipping up their clothes to keeping them on all together to be able to form a sentence. My piece of advice would be to realize that you are grieving long before you have lost your loved one and learn to cope with the process.