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Cory Tracy

3 years ago when I found out my mom has Alzheimer’s, frontal lobe dementia, I didn’t know how to react at first. Then as parts of what made my mom my mom started to disappear, I went into a world of drugs and parties to try and drown out my sorrows. Here we are now 2020, my mom can’t carry on a conversation, and I don’t know what to do. I find my depression and anxiety grows day by day. I find it difficult to get up and go to work. I wish this was a happy story. All I can keep doing is pushing forward and stay strong for my mom.

My mom is the most caring woman in the world. before her dementia, she would during the week to shop, then every Monday would cook and feed the homeless through her church group, in Garden Grove California Shining light ministry. I am 33 years old living in Las Vegas, 263 miles away. I loved learning how to cook from my mom. I couldn’t find a soul on this planet that didn’t love my mother’s cooking.