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Anna Dobbie

There are so many past memories, as well as ones to be made, of my mother. She was diagnosed 6 years ago, shortly before her 70th birthday. I remember this because even looking back on her birthday party I noticed changes but couldn’t put my finger on what was happening. I can’t specify one memory in particular but I have to say, the moments when my mother is present and I know she’s with me are some of my favourite times. It’s often when we’re in social settings when she really surprises my sister and I. She’ll be the one to remember someone’s name and little facts about their lives. When my mother was diagnosed it was a big change for my sister, father and I. The silver lining was that it brought the three of us closer. Funnily enough, that is also my one piece of advice to anyone who might be going through a similar situation, look for the silver lining – there is usually one to be found.