How You Can Help

THANK YOU for supporting Hilarity for Charity!
It not only makes you awesome, but helps to raise awareness for this incurable
disease affecting more than 5 million Americans.
There are things you can do RIGHT NOW to join us and help Kick Alz in the Ballz!


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Got 5 Minutes?

Write a letter to your Congressperson and tell them how important it is to fund research for this terrible disease.

Watch Seth’s testimony to get inspired.

Spread Awareness. Once a week post an Alzheimer’s fact, like the 10 signs of Alzheimer’s disease to Facebook/Twitter. Use #ENDALZ, #AlzSucks, @WeAreHFC on Twitter, tag Hilarity for Charity on Facebook and @wearehfc on Instagram!

Make a donation. Every dollar you donate goes directly to research and helping families care for their loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s.

Got An Hour?

Canvas your campus and local downtown area to put out donation cans. Email us at info@wearehfc.org for flyers and cans.

Share your Alzheimer’s story. One of the best ways to help others is to show them they’re not alone. Send your story to info@wearehfc.org and you just might see your story in on our website or social media pages. Check out other personal stories.

Volunteer at a local nursing home, or adult daycare center. Call local facilities in your area to see what their needs are. Facilities are always looking for people to read to patients, spend time with them, etc.

Ready for a Longer Commitment?

Become a Hilarity for Charity volunteer.
Email info@wearehfc.org to hear about opportunities to volunteer at our events such as the Los Angeles Variety Show and more!


HFC Presents

HFC Presents

Not in college? Don’t worry, you can still help us Kick Alz in the Ballz by hosting your own HFC Presents event.


Donate Your

Donate Your Birth

Have a birthday coming up? Give your birthday to Hilarity for Charity!