Christi Johnson, mother living with Alzheimer’s


Can I bring you drink when you are thirsty, can we break some bread
when you are hungry?

Can I wipe the tears when you are sad, or bring to you my loving Dad?

Can I smooth your hair to calm your soul, or refresh your mind this
illness stole?

Can I share the smiles of our little ones, to bring you joy when you have none?

Can I assure you daily that I’m still here, to help keep away all your fears?

Can I hide the pain with a convincing smile, when you ask about those
who have been gone for awhile?

Can I make you laugh when the moment is tense, and be there to fight
in your defense?

Can I deflect the hurt when it shows in your eyes, and stand by during
the lows and the highs?

Can I remind you of what a great Mother you are, the perfect balance
of gentle and firm?

Can I revel in your gentle sweet ways, that you guided us with in our
darkest days?

Can I tell you sincerely of your beautiful face, showing the years of
life’s toughest race?

Can I tell you this with a fervent voice, that living with this was
never your choice?

I will do all these things to help ease your pain, just to have my
real Mother a few moments again.