REACH Virtual Caregiving Coaching

HFC x Rosalynn Carter Institute Pilot Project To Support Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregivers

We are excited to partner with the Rosalynn Carter Institute to provide a unique combination of support to Alzheimer’s and dementia family caregivers: (1) virtual coaching and (2) respite relief. Caregivers can apply for REACH Virtual Coaching and/or to the HFC In-Home Care Grant Program.

Interested caregivers are not required to apply for both programs and are encouraged to apply for whichever program interests them. Applying for both programs will not affect either application. Data collected from this project will help RCI and HFC strengthen their program offerings, making them as effective as possible!

It is free to participate in this small pilot project, but space is limited. Learn more about each program below:

Reach Virtual Coaching

Selected participants will have access to six months of virtual coaching and support through the Resources Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health (REACH) program.

REACH Care Coaches equip Alzheimer’s and dementia family caregivers with problem-solving and stress management skills. If you decide to sign up for this program, your care coach will work with you to help you manage your specific care-related problems. They will also coach you – via phone, video chat or email - how to identify stress and healthy ways to manage it.


To be eligible for coaching, caregivers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be providing care for a family member or friend with dementia at home.
  • Be the primary care provider for their family member or friend with dementia. If not the primary care provider, at least providing a minimum of 4 hours of care a week.
  • Have no plans to place their family member or friend in an assisted living facility or nursing home within 6 months.
  • Be able to participate in a virtual program.

About the REACH Virtual Coaching Application Process You will be directed to RCI’s secure, online data system. Please use Google Chrome or Safari browsers to open the form. If selected for the program, you will be contacted by a REACH Coach to confirm eligibility and participation, and then determine the next steps. Please contact RCI-REACH@rosalynncarter.org for any questions.

Caregiver Respite Grant Program

HFC’s Caregiver Respite Grant Program provides exceptional in-home care relief to families affected by Alzheimer's, giving the primary caregiver support, rest and respite. Respite grants to eligible caregivers are limited in number and are granted on a monthly basis.


To be eligible for the grant, the caregiver(s) or loved one living with Alzheimer’s & Dementia must fit within the following criteria:

  • Currently living at home with Alzheimer’s disease or related Dementia.
  • Facing financial and emotional hardships due to the unique challenges of Alzheimer’s or related Dementia.
  • Resides in the United States or Canada.

Please email hfcinfo@homeinsteadinc.com with any questions.