Board Members

  • Lauren Miller Rogen, Founder

    I’m Lauren Miller Rogen and I’m a writer, actor, dog lover, and more. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s has touched my life many times over the years: My grandfather passed away from it when I was 12, my grandmother when I was 18, and my mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s when I was 25. She was only 55.

    Throughout the years, I started realizing how many young people, didn’t understand Alzheimer’s. How it ravages the person who has it, and how it can truly test the family who loves them. So, we’re trying to build awareness, which will hopefully lead to money, research, and care. And, I’m hoping that with Hilarity For Charity, we can show people how important it is to end Alzheimer’s­­ and have a little fun along the way.

  • Seth Rogen, Founder

    A few years ago, as a joke about my laziness, I received the “Good Intentions” award at a charity event for the work I would one day do. Well, Alzheimer’s sucks, so now I’m doing what I can to end it. I want young people to know that Alzheimer’s isn’t something to worry about just when you get old… And that we can tell a few jokes along the way to finding a cure.

  • Daniel Miller, Board Chair

    Dan is Executive Vice President and Head of Distribution at Gabelli Funds, LLC,, a subsidiary of GAMCO Investors, Inc. (NYSE: GBL), a diversified financial services firm with approximately $43 billion of AUM. He is also lead portfolio manager of the Gabelli Focus Five Fund, a concentrated best ideas strategy, and a member of the investment team for the closed-end and separate accounts business. Dan joined Gabelli in 2002 after graduating magna Cum Laude from the University of Miami, and has held various investment and management positions.

    Separately, Dan is Chairman and CEO of ICTC Group, Inc. (OTCBB: ICTG), a holding company with investments in the telecommunications industry.

  • Raffi Adlan, Founder

    When I’m not busy saving the world, I like to blow off steam with a good game of dodgeball or a Saturday night lightsaber duel. My mind is convinced that ice cream is a food group but my physique does not agree. I have fought a bull, worn eyeliner socially and navigated a jet pack ­ just not all at the same time…yet. I grew up at Knott’s Berry Farm and have an E­-ticket from Disneyland that’s not electronic. I’m from the West Coast and live on the East Coast but sometimes on the West Coast then back to the East…I’m conflicted. ​​

    I lost my Nana to Alzheimer’s. I’ve found some friends who are here to help me kick this disease’s ass.

  • Matthew Bass, Founder

    I was born and raised in the mean streets of Vancouver. I got my chest hair in Montreal. My wonderful glow in Australia. And now I work, live, and play in Los Angeles, where I am a writer and philanthropist.

    I once told a bully, you mess with my friend, you mess with me! Alzheimer’s is pushing around my dear friend’s mother and the hell if I’m gonna stand by and do nothing! The disease is losing the race for society’s attention. Cancer, AIDS, Africa; as noble as those are, they’re the cool kids on the block. Utilizing comedy and star­fucking, we’re gonna trick the world into making the fight against Alzheimer’s a priority!

  • Allison Statter, Board Member

    For Allison Statter, nothing is more important than finding just the right balance between having a career as a top entertainment industry executive while being a dedicated mother, wife, and daughter. Allison was at Azoff Music Management for more than 15 years, following in the footsteps of her father, Irving Azoff. Today, Allison is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Blended Strategy Group, a marketing firm bridging the worlds of large companies, emerging start-ups and celebrities to exponentially increase the reach and impact of their brands.

    Allison has been a supporter of the fight against Alz, since her mother-in-law was diagnosed at the early age of 59; bringing the cause close to home – making it personal. She knows there is a need for something new in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease – and Hilarity For Charity provides the community and support that Allison and her family have been looking for. She is proud to be part of this organization; looking forward to a brighter future.

  • Justin Meltzer, Board Member

    My life was touched by Alzheimer’s disease nearly ten years ago when my grandmother, Gloria Hirtz, was first diagnosed. My family witnessed her decline and retreat into a world that no longer made sense to her, or to us. Shortly thereafter, my other grandmother, Billie Meltzer, was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and as a family we suffered the devastating effects of this disease. These profound losses inspired me to take action and join the HFC family to find new ways to support all of us battling this vicious disease.

    I am a senior member of the Real Estate Operations Team at DLA Piper LLP, one of the world’s largest firms with over 4,500 lawyers. The team is responsible for the leasing, design, construction and operations for 90 plus offices around the globe. I also sit on The Tulane Fund Advisory Board as well as participating as an Ambassador for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.